SEPTEMBER 25-26, 2019

Northeast Pasta Showdown

Northeast Pasta Showdown

Top Chefs in the Industry Compete in the Northeast Pasta Showdown 

We’ll be crowning the chefs with the best pasta dishes in the region during our two-day Northeast Pasta Showdown.

On Wednesday, the competition area in the Exhibit Hall will feature contestants preparing their best recipes and presenting them to the judges. A prestigious panel of professional chefs with proficiency in Italian cuisine will judge the entries and name place winners. Participants will have 40 minutes to prepare their dishes, and dishes will be judged on their trueness to the Italian basic tenets of technique, presentation, flavor balance and taste. 

On Thursday, each participating chef will be asked to prepare a pasta dish from a table of common ingredients, with one primary ingredient included that must be in all entries that go before the judges. This face-to-face showdown will test a competitor’s ability to stand out from the crowd on a level playing field.

Winners will be announced Thursday afternoon. The first-place winner receives $2,000 and a trophy; second- and third-place prizes are $500 and $250, respectively.

2019 PPNE Pasta Showdown Rules & Regulations


2018 Pasta Showdown Winners

First Place 
Salvatore Passalacqua
Nino’s Cucina Italiana
Greenville, NC

Second Place 
John Lombardi

Third Place
Matt Hutchinson
Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana
Houston, TX

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